Conversation Guide
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#1 Invitation
Invite someone to have a friendly 15-30 minute conversation on a topic of which you may not agree.
#2 Setting
Choose a relaxing setting and try to be in a calm and rested state of mind.
#3 Intentions
State that your intentions are to better understand them rather than change their mind.
#4 Fully Listen
Give them your full attention with an open mind. Hopefully you will learn something new or better understand them.
#5 Stay Curious
Ask questions without judgement that will help you understand how they arrived at their views.
#6 Don't Rush
Allow them time to go deeper in their sharing and wait until they are done speaking.
#7 Clarify
Respectfully summarize their main points to show you understand and thank them for sharing.
#8 Your Turn
If they seem receptive then share your views. Relate your personal experience and understanding of the subject.
#9 Agreement
Point out areas of agreement or any new or interesting information you learned from them.
#10 Disagreement
Respectfully share any important areas of disagreement and why you believe as you do.
#11 Positive Outcomes
Was there anything you discussed that could lead to mutually beneficial solutions or actions?
Thank you
Respectfully understanding those you disagree with takes patience and generosity. Your actions make a difference.
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